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Haemotronic was founded in 1979 in Mirandola (Italy) by the Ravizza Family to support family pharma businesses with manufacturing of single-use medical devices and remains to this day a leading provider of medical disposables. We are part of the 3rd ranking biomedical area worldwide that includes 100+ companies and 5000 employees. Despite the challenges brought about by the earthquake that hit Emilia-Romagna in 2012,we fought back,

kept committing to constant innovation and high quality performance and we are still going strong!
Today Haemotronic has its main HQ and main production plants in Mirandola and Borgocarbonara, Italy and one plant in Reynosa, Mexico, counting 600+ employees in total. We have developed an international presence by distributing our products in Latin America and by creating strong business relationships in the Middle East and in the Far East

In May 2022, GVS Group – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filter solutions for applications in the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Mobility, and Health & Safety sectors – acquired 100% of the share capital of Haemotronic Group


3 Facilities

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600+ Employess

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OUR Vision.

While the big medical companies focus on core activities and brand promotion, we aspire to be the unique partner that fills in the gap they leave in terms of product parts and components development. To fulfill our mission and vision, we define some crucial principles, ethics and beliefs that are respected by the entire company and shareholders, through all phases of development and production.

  • Excellent quality and technological standards (EC and ISO certification, issued by TUV SUD, please download them here below for more details). Quality is deeply embedded in all our teams functions. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, customers, colleagues, investors, 8 business partners and regulators. We have a relentless passion for Quality in everything we do.
  • Constant innovation and development to make sure we meet our customers and shareholders’ expectations. We closely design and develop our medical devices with our staff of Engineers and Toolmakers to make a customized product that best matches your requirements.
  • We pledge to represent a flexible and reliable partner for our customer in terms of honesty, integrity, information confidentiality, financial stability, pro-active attitudes and a fair competitor among a highly competitive market. Our goal is to become your global partner by being flexible and reliable in what we do and by shaping your ideas and products.
  • Quality

    Our Certifications

    • ISO 13485

    • EC G1 099528 0003

    • FDA - Mirandola Site

    • FDA - Borgocarbonara Site


    Haemotronic also seriously committed to sustainability A healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of society, our people and our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy. We recognize that diverse, healthy natural resources – fresh water, oceans, air, forests, grasslands, and agro-systems – are a critical component of social and sustainable economic development. Soil and vegetation are particularly crucial for the environment and biodiversity. Our key challenge is to manage the competing human demands on land, soil and vegetation without undermining crucial ecosystem functions. As s a leading manufacturer of medical products we are active in helping to address environmental challenges. From this perspective, the Haemotronic policy embodies the philosophy that each individual plays a crucial role: our people have demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm and interest in the myriad of issues related to the interaction of our business activities and the environment. Haemotronic is constantly looking for and finding effective environment-friendly solutions.

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