Quality & Differentiation

For companies like us that choose to brave the onerous demands that medical device OEMs expect from their contract manufacturers and suppliers, differentiation from similarly equipped competition is the name of the game.
Given the increasing competition, the requirements to deliver OEMs consistent quality at lower costs and faster turnaround times have become a challenge and turn to a range of full-service design and manufacturing services provide added value.


High Production Capabilities

High Production Capability

The advantage belongs to the company that are not only able to improve product quality and produce more at a minimum cost, but also one that can combine high-tech molding with higher efiiciency and lean structure.


Know how

Extensive Know How

Our Custom and OEM division serves manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries.
Haemotronic is a unique single-source manufacturer combining multiple technologies and production capabilities with the same mission of quality and commitment to customer.
We are proud to work as your partner through all phases of production – from concept design to packaging of a fully assembled sterile product.
Our experience of several decades in medical device manufacturing and a continous process of innovation and improvement is our guarantee for your products success.
Haemotronic: an integrated company and a strategic partner you can rely upon to complete tasks on-time and on-budget.