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Haemotronic has developed a wide range of products and production capabilities to enable it to offer its customers a one-stop resource for all its medical disposables requirements.

Injection Moulding
injection moulding_LR

An extensive offer and know-how, constantly evolving in new designs and components.

Air free pressure transducers
Big Bore High Flow Connectors
Break-off pin connectors
Clamping Devices
Dialyser Connectors
Dialysis Chambers
Drip Chambers
Feeding Connectors
Injection Sites
Male/Female Luer Lock

Multi-Way Connectors
Needle Free Injection Sites
Pressure Pillows
Pump Segment Connectors
Recirculating Connectors
Safety Lock Connectors
Transducer Protector
…and more…


Bags Welding
bags welding_LR

A broad range of flexible PP, PVC and EVA bags, whose satisfy the strictest medical regulations and comply most up-to-date quality requirements. Production of standard bags, made with heat welding or RF technologies, offers a wide range of volumes available from 50 to 5000 ml, in any case product can be customized and redesigned upon request.
Haemotronic with its extensive range of molded closures and accessories options will provide a product ready to be marketed.



Extensive extrusion technologies expertise and wide material selection able to offer solutions based on customer needs.
Extrusion with inline checking of internal and external diameters to best match customer requirements, reducing the risk of quality complaints during assemblies procedures.


Coextruded Tubing
EVA Lay-Flat
PVC Lay-Flat
Color Lined Tubing


Medical Disposable

Haemotronic produces custom made products for customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, it offers a range of assembly services for medical devices performed in cleanroom with final sterilization and packaging.
A very wide portfolio of components, a personalized approach to customer specific requirements and a cooperative design and development with our staff of Engineers and Toolmakers, can provide the medical device that most matches your requirements.