Haemotronic believes that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of society, our people and our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy.
Haemotronic recognizes that diverse, healthy natural resources – fresh water, oceans, air, forests, grasslands, and agro-systems – are a critical component of social and sustainable economic development. Soil and vegetation are particularly important for the environment and biodiversity. They are vital to water and air quality, and help regulate climates. Forests are home to thousands of wildlife species, and, at the same time, represent a natural source of timber. The key challenge for society is to manage the competing human demands on land, soil and vegetation without undermining crucial ecosystem functions.
We take seriously our responsibility for environmental stewardship and believe that as a leading manufacturer of medical products we should play a constructive role in helping to address the challenges facing the environment. The Haemotronic policy embodies the philosophy that each individual, team or Company can play an important role in addressing today’s environmental challenges. Little by little all of us shall make constant progress in meeting our enviromental objectives. Within our Company, our people have demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm and interest in the myriad of issues related to the interaction of our business activities and the environment.
We would like to contribute to a healthy environment through various areas of our business, Haemotronic is looking for and finding effective, market-based opportunities to impact the environment through our businesses. This effort is consistent with our central business objective of creating long-term value for our shareholders and serving the best interests of our clients.