Haemotronic offers a wide variety of extruded tubing and lay-flat for medical and pharmaceutical market.
Our Quality System and USP Class VI certificated polymers guarantee products’ performances with a wide material selection.
Our Customer Service and Techical staff is also available to assist in answering your questions or helping you to select a product that will perfectly fit your requirements.

  • PP
  • EVA Lay-Flat
  • PVC Lay-Flat


Precision Extrusionprecision extrusion3

Our continous process of innovation and improvement allow us to offer precision extrusion with in-line dimensions control, to guarantee that customer requirements are maintained during all extrusion process.


multilayer tub


Co-extrusion technology: manufacturing tubings consisting of multiple layers of different thickness is an effective way to adjust properties of a tube, granting specific phisical and chemical performance for additional applications. This technology is available in a range of polymer materials and layers’ combinations.
We welcome your challenging R&D projects: we are dedicated to provide you a custom product matching your specific needs.